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I’m a “Partner” in our national business consulting firm. I own a local office.

Our company revolutionized the way people buy a business or rapidly grow a business.

Since 1974, through good and bad economies,
we and our clients have thrived.

What differentiates our consultants from the also-rans?
We know the secrets to great consulting. Our niche is unique.

We help clients buy, start, improve, finance, value and sell small and midsize businesses.

Our clients immediately achieve more business success because of the 500 year collective experience of our "Partners" On-Call ® and Business Buyer Advocates ®.

We're NOT a business brokerage, but we collaborate with some of the best brokers if the client wants a referral to a broker.

Clients benefit from our relationships nationwide with the leading professional advisors. We’re known as the Go-To Team for Done Deals . We have access to the most profitable companies in nearly every industry (including companies quietly for sale by-owner or soon to be for sale).

Any POCN office can serve business buyers anywhere within the USA and Canada because of advances in communication technology and our national network of offices and the leading attorneys, accountants and other specialists who help us achieve done deals.

“Partner” On-Call Network is expanding.

Please call me or POCN HQ at 561-868-2090 if you or someone you know might want to be a “Partner” in our national business consulting firm. It’s an opportunity to own a local office and serve a national clientele (without traveling to remote clients).

Ted J. Leverette

Ted J. Leverette

Mr. Leverette has consulted with thousands of business buyers and owners on buy/sell, valuation and business improvement since 1974. Since 1993 he has taught affiliates in the USA and Canada, who independently own and operate their consulting practices, The Street-Smart Way to Become a Business Consultant™. He has been a lecturer for trade associations and author of texts, articles and the book, How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It.™

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John Martinka

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