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Solutions for Business and Legal Disputes

We facilitate solutions for business disputes.

Facilitation begins when you show us or we discover a difference between what is and what could or should be. In other words, the variance between expectations and reality, especially as it relates to the services and outcomes business buyers and sellers obtain from their agents, business brokers and intermediaries, consultants and advisors.

We help clients achieve fair and reasonable solutions of disputes outside of litigation and we provide expert testimony in litigation involving economic damages related to the computation of financial loss suffered or claimed to have been suffered by parties with respect to privately held small and midsize businesses (SMB) and transactions that relate to the buyers, potential business buyers, sellers, potential business sellers, former owners, and sources of financing of these businesses.

Examples: accounting discrepancies, acquisition disputes, acquisition target identification, agent/broker/consultant/advisor duties, bad faith, bankruptcy analysis, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary, business brokerage, business interruption, buy/sell agreements, buyer and seller representation, contract disputes, damage analysis, dispute resolution, due diligence, earnings loss, economic damages, ethics, financial analysis, financial forecasting, fraud, historical "look-back" valuations, litigation support, lost opportunity, lost profit, lost wages, merger and acquisition (M&A), misrepresentation, negligence, professional malpractice, standards of professional practice, valuation and appraisal of business enterprise, valuation and appraisal of personal and other goodwill as it pertains to a buy/sell transaction. 

Specialists Wanted for Dispute Resolution Teams

If you have a longstanding record of expert witness success in trials, and if you want to participate on our team in the resolution of disputes, please send us your curriculum vitae. 

Featured Expert

Ted J. Leverette, creator of the consulting niche, Business Buyer Advocate ®, using his experience and the nationwide 500 year collective experience of Authorized Business Buyer Advocates using his methods, is available to unhappy buyers of small and midsize businesses. Get a second opinion or an evaluation about advisors and sellers whose advice or information was not satisfactory. “Partner” On-Call Network LLC

Since 1988, Walter J. Unger has provided expert witness and litigation support services nationwide in the healthcare industry. During the past two decades, more than 40 law firms designated him as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases involving healthcare issues. Unger & Associates: A Healthcare Advisory Group

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